Nov 2006 3.1 is now available. I've pulled the CVS history into a mercurial repository to give users more flexibility. I'm no longer working on this app and mercurial makes it easier to accept patches from other developers.

Source: mountapp-3.1.tar.gz patched release
mountapp-3.0.tar.gz for Window Maker 0.80 or later
Debian packages are available at the debian web site.

dock app

config app using GTK+ 1.1.2

config app using GTKstep 1.1.2.


Changes in 3.1

  • Add -s flag to force shaped mode
  • Makes ~/ the preferences directory
  • Middle mouse button ejects media

The complete Change log


Feel free to send me (Steve Borho) questions/comments via e-mail or check out the project page at SourceForge. The new Mercurial repository can be found here. Patches are always welcome.

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