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It was explained to me today that because Mount.App wasn't programmed to the GNUstep API, it technically isn't a GNUstep app. What's this mean to you? Good question! It means that I've moved Mount.App from the /usr/local/GNUstep tree and placed it in the standard /usr/local tree. (./configure --prefix=/other/path overrides that of course).

Since Mount and Config were moved to /usr/local/bin (and are now in your path), I've renamed Config to MountConfig to make it more apparent what it does.

So what does all this mean? Well, before you install the new beta version, you need to uninstall your old copies. If you still have the old build directory handy, it's easy. Just cd there and type "make uninstall". Otherwise, you'll have to do the "rm -rf /usr/local/GNUstep/Apps/" yourself.

As an added a bonus, I've changed the format of the defaults file slightly in order to support the new "show capacity" features, which means you'll want to delete that file as well before you run the new version. (It's not mandatory but it might save you some grief). "rm -rf ~/GNUstep/Library/Mount.App"

Oh yeah, BTW, if someone comes up with a way to better represent the "show capacity" feature so that it is more obvious whether Mount.App is showing "space used" or "space available", I'd be eternally gratefull.

As usual, Enjoy!

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